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Terms & Conditions

User terms and conditions of use About PSF

The Private Sector Federation of Rwanda (hereinafter referred to as “PSF”), with headquarters at KK6 Avenue, Gikondo MAGERWA, Kigali is a professional organization, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Rwandan business community. It is an umbrella organization with five Clusters including the Cluster of Trade, Services, Agriculture, Industry and A special Cluster composed of Women, youths and Persons with Disabilities . It was established in December 1999, replacing the former Rwanda Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Public User registration

Public Users will voluntarily give the information requested on the website. The MSME Financing Gateway (the “platform”) uses small amounts of personal or business data that users are asked to register speed-up user search and filtering requests, improve performance of the platform for registered users, analyse activity and demographics as a baseline for anonymised reporting (without any personal details) that can be used in the design of PSF member services and development projects.  

If Users, known as “Data Subjects” under Rwanda Law, Subscribe to Notifications then, Personal contact details are used to send Users notifications of News and Events, Fraud Watch items, or updates of content on the platform, if Users subscribe to these services. The Administrator may use User contact details to reach them from time to time if there are questions or issues about a User’s own identity, data entry or the way it is displayed.

Registration of a Public User’s own enterprise business data will also be used to adapt ITC’s and PSFs services and to enable User access to various benefits and opportunities that will be shared by PSF and the International Trade Centre (ITC) through the platform or through User contact data.

Public User data protection and privacy

Personal data is not shared with external parties, although the International Trade Centre in Geneva has a global overview of personal data entries. Personal data registered on the platform will not be used for commercial gain. Personal data points are removed from all analytical reports, which are anonymised.

Financing and business development support services registration

To display information about their own MSME financing instruments and business development support services a provider will be required to first register their entity on the platform to create a Service Provider account. The platform Administrator will review the registration form and either approve it or send a message to the applicant. If an application is approved, the provider will be notified and get access to an initial two-factor security procedure. This procedure gives rights to enter or change their own data records through templates for and to upload documentation (Maximum size: 10Mb). The provision of the above information will help Users match service offers to their needs and also help PSF to understand your business and share important information relevant to your business in the future.

Data usage

The data shared through the Platform will be used internally by PSF and the United Nations International Trade Centre in Geneva to anonymously analyse User demographics, activities on the platform, demand for, and supply of, services, and to support your business through various channels. Anonymised analytical reports and articles may be shared with approved external partners of PSF and ITC

Charges and fees

PSF does not charge any fees for MSMEs registering on the MSME Financing Gateway. However, charges or fees may apply for the financing and business development support services displayed on the platform, for some events, services and resources provided by PSF or other entities displaying information on the platform. Users are responsible for making their own enquiries about all the details, costs and liabilities they may incur by using any of the services or opportunities displayed on the platform. Any fees or charges applicable to the use of services should be clearly explained and shared in advance with potential users. Users are asked to report to the Administrator any hidden charges or liabilities they may find associated with services displayed on the platform through the “Contact us” facility.

Contacts and communications

PSF may communicate with Registered Users and Providers from time to time through the platform and by SMS, email, or telephone to inform Users of new opportunities, request comments on the platform’s performance and design, or follow up on information requirements or technical issues and for other reasons.

Users of, and Service Providers on the platform can contact PSF for more details at any time through the “Contact us” facility provided on the platform.

Notices & changes to the terms & conditions

All notices or other communications to be given under these Terms and Conditions of Use to any party shall be sent by e-mail. Notices shall be deemed to be received on dispatch provided that the sender has received a receipt indicating proper transmission.

These Terms and Conditions may be varied by PSF at its sole discretion from time to time and in conformity with national laws and regulations. PSF will notify Users of any changes by e-mail and/or SMS subject preferences indicated by the User. Continued use of the platform will be deemed to be acceptance by a User of any such changes to these Terms and Conditions.

Representations and Warranties

The User represents and warrants to PSF that all factual information and data provided to PSF or through the platform is made in good faith, is accurate at the time of uploading and that the User did not omit to mention anything material which may render it untrue or misleading. If a User uploads any information or documentation to the Platform, the User warrants that it has free and unfettered use of, or has the Intellectual Property Rights to, that information or documentation.

Governing law

These Terms and Conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are governed by the law of the Republic of Rwanda. The Courts of the Republic of Rwanda shall have exclusive jurisdiction in connection with these Terms and Conditions. Users and Providers agree to these Terms and Conditions automatically by continuing to use, and benefit from, the facilities of the MSME Financing Gateway.

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